Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ragin Bull Schedule, Statistics, Standings & More

All new to the Hickory Ridge High School Football website is MaxPreps.  On the right sidebar toward the top of this web page you will find a link to MaxPreps under Ragin Bull Football Schedule, Statistics, Standings, & More.  When you click on and go to MaxPreps a whole new world of Ragin Bull football will evolve with lots of information.  Once at MaxPreps you can find the Ragin Bull football schedule, wins and loses, team standings, team statistics, player statistics, team rankings, player rankings, and more.  Statistically, you can find how the team or a player compares nationally, by state, by scoring, by offense, by defense, by position, by age, by rushing, by passing, by tackles, by sacks, etc.  In addition, you can add fan photos and add any links to web articles that pertain to Ragin Bull football.  The football team roster is available for viewing, as well as, player profiles.  Check it out! 

MaxPreps is an awesome addition to this website and offers a wealth of information.  So go to MaxPreps now to see how your Ragin Bull football team and it's players are doing.  Thanks for all of your support and Go Bulls!

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