Saturday, September 12, 2009

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Hickory Ridge Ragin Bulls vs. East Rowan Mustangs

It was another exciting and hard fought game for the Hickory Ridge Ragin Bulls.  But in the end, it was the turnovers and penalities that would make the difference.  In the fourth quarter the Ragin Bulls threw three passes for interceptions.  On the ground, they lost three fumbles during the course of the game.  This gave the Ragin Bulls six total turnovers.  In addition to turnovers, the Ragin Bulls were penalized seven times for 50 yards.  The end result was a Mustangs victory over the Ragin Bulls.  The final score was 28 to 22.

A fumble by the Ragin Bulls on their first possession would allow the Mustangs to get off to a kicking start .  They would go ahead early in the first quarter 14-0.  Preston Troutman of the Mustangs would make two long receptions for touchdowns.  Thrown by Quentin Sifford, the first touchdown reception was for 53 yards and was the Mustangs first offensive play of the game.  The second touchdown reception was thrown by Jamey Blalock and was for 55 yards.

The Ragin Bulls would not give up!  They scored three touchdowns in the second quarter!  Cody Cothren would score first with a hard fought run for 19 yards.  Next up, it would be Cody Cothren again, with a 9 yard touchdown reception from senior quarterback Nick Moelle.  Now it would be quarterback Blake Sides turn, with a 24 yard touchdown pass to senior wide receiver John Martinez.  The Ragin Bulls were ahead at halftime 20-14.

The second half was all East Rowan.  The Mustangs scored two touchdowns in the second half and shut down the Ragin Bull offense.  In the third quarter, Quentin Sifford would score with a 56 yard run.  In the fourth quarter the Mustangs would score another touchdown with a 5 yard run from the redzone.  As the clock wound down, the Mustangs punter delibertely ran the ball into the endzone for the safety.  This gave the Ragin Bulls their only score of the second half.  The final score was East Rowan 28, Ragin Bulls 22.

It was more of a passing game for the Ragin Bulls.  They threw the ball 18 times for 10 receptions and 165 yards. They rushed the ball for 153 yards, compared to the Mustangs 245 yards.  Even though the Mustangs threw the ball ony 9 times for the 3 receptions, 2 of those receptions were for touchdowns.  The Mustangs had no interceptions and two fumbles, compared to the Ragin Bulls three interceptions and three fumbles.  The turnover ratio was three to one in favor of the Mustangs.  In the end, it was these turnovers that plagued the Ragin Bulls and was the real story of the game.

Ragin Bull running back Brian Baltimore had an excellent game again with 23 carries for 138 yards averaging 6 yards/carry.  Cody Cothren also had a great game.  In only 2 quarters of play, Cody had 68 yards of total offense and 2 touchdowns that brought the Ragin Bulls from behind to tie the game.  Luke Robinson threw a 43 yard pass to John Martinez in a nice trick play called by the Ragin Bulls coaching staff.  John Martinez had 5 receptions in the game for 102 yards averaging 20.4 yards/reception.

On the defense, Ragin Bull lineman Cole Lilly had exceptional play making more than 10 tackles.  Other linemen Dillon Burdette and Eugene Antwi had good games as well, trying to contain the Mustangs option.   In the skilled positions, Ryan McGill and Nathan Furr stoodout, making several tackles in the Ragin Bulls secondary.

Next up is Porter Ridge away.  The game is next Friday, 9/18/09.  Kickoff time is 7:30pm.  Everybody please show up to support our Ragin Bulls football team in this all important non-conference matchup.  See you at the game and Go Bulls!

P.S.-Voting for the "Play of the Week" for the East Rowan game will start this coming Monday afternoon.  So please make sure to cast your vote.  Also, please continue to vote on this website for the "Play of the Week" for the Central Cabarrus game.  Voting for the Central Cabarrus game will end this coming Monday at noon.  To vote just go to the "Play of the Week" sidebar on the right bottom of this website.  And if you can, go to the Carolina Panthers home game tomorrow against Philadelphia and check out the Ragin Bulls winning "Play of the Week" video highlight on the Jumbotron of the Bank of America Stadium.  Thanks for your continued support!

Friday, September 11, 2009

JV-Hickory Ridge Ragin Bulls vs. East Rowan Mustangs

The JV Ragin Bulls win against the East Rowan Mustangs last night at East Rowan 27 to 12.  Their current record is 3-0 overall.  They have defeated Marvin Ridge, Central Cabarrus, and East Rowan  You can locate the 2009 JV Football Schedule by clicking the link to the Hickory Ridge High School Football Schedule  This link is located  under the Ragin Bull Football Schedule sidebar on the right side of this website.

In the first quarter, Ragin Bull Nick Tyson threw a pass to D.J. Barnes for a 68 yard touchdown.  The extra point was good by Josh Chapman making the score at the end of the first quarter 7-0.

In the second quarter the Ragin Bulls strike again, D.J. Barnes threw a 33 yard touchdown pass to Jason Eury.  Ragin Bull Josh Chapman kicks the PAT.  East Rowan answers with a 13 yard pass for a touchdown.  The score at half time was Ragin Bulls 14, East Rowan 6.

In the third quarter, Ragin Bull T.J. allen runs 70 yards to put points on the board.  Josh Chapman kicks another PAT.  East Rowan answers again with a 9 yard run for the touchdown.  The score at the end of the third quarter was 21-12 Ragin Bulls.

In the fourth quarter, T.J. Allen gets another touchdown with a 39 yard run.  The final score was 27 to 12 Ragin Bulls. 

Hickory Ridge had 233 yards rushing and 143 yards passing for 376 yards of total offense.  T.J. Allen had an excellent game with 17 carries for 178 yards averaging 10.6 yards/carry.  D.J. Barnes had 3 receptions for 89 yards averaging 29.7 yards/reception.  Josh Chapman was 3 for 3 on the PAT. 

Kudos to all of the JV Ragin Bulls football team for a job well done.  Next on the schedule is Porter Ridge at home.  The game is next Thursday and kickoff time is 6:30pm.  See you at the game and Go Bulls!

Hickory Ridge Ragin Bulls vs. East Rowan Mustangs

Tonight at "The Ridge" the Ragin Bulls face off against the East Rowan Mustangs for the very first time.  East Rowan is 2-1 overall.  The Mustangs have lost to Salisbury 46-10, won against North Rowan 7-0, and won against Concord 30-0.  The Mustangs are currently in second place in their North Piedmont League.

The Ragin Bulls are 2-1 overall and are currently in first place in their South Piedmont Conference at 1-0.  The Ragin Bulls have won against Carson 25-13, lost to Marvin Ridge 31-6, and won against Central Cabarrus 28-26.  For more details on the Hickory Ridge High School Ragin Bulls 2009 football schedule, scores, and standing go to the right sidebar of this website and find Ragin Bull Schedule.

Kickoff is at 7:30.  Be sure to come and bring your cow bell.  And as always, please support the Hickory Athletic Booster Club by purchasing a raffle ticket, spirit wear, program, and concessions.  See you at "The Ridge" and Go Bulls!

For more information on the East Rown Mustangs go to:
East Rowan Mustangs

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Michelin Sponsored High School "Play of the Week"

Congratulations to the Hickory Ridge High School Ragin Bulls football team for winning the Michelin sponsored high school "Play of the Week" for week 2 in Central North Carolina.  You can read about it in the September 8th edition of the Independent Tribune.

The video highlight that won is against Marvin Ridge and is titled "18 Yard Interception Late In The Fourth Quarter."  Starting this week, you will be able to view this "Play of the Week" video highlight on the Carolina Panthers website at

In addition to Hickory Ridge High School winning $250,  the "Play of the Week" video highlight will be displayed on the Carolna Panthers Jumbotron this Sunday at the Bank of America Stadium when the Panthers host the Philadelphia Eagles.  Also, this "Play of the Week" video highlight will be eligible for "Play of the Season,"  the winner of which will receive $2,000 and a field trip to the Bank of America Stadium for a meet and greet with the Carolina Panthers football players.

Congratulations again to the Hickory Ridge Ragin Bulls football team for winning Central North Carolina's week 2 "Play of the Week."  Make sure to keep voting each week for the Hickory Ridge Ragin Bulls.  To vote, click on the link in the "Play of the Week" sidebar on the bottom right side of this webpage. This week's voting will be for the Central Cabarrus football game.  Voting will end Monday at 12pm, at which time you will be able to start voting on the East Rowan football game.  Thanks again for your continued support and Go Bulls!

P.S.-To become a follower of the Hickory Ridge High School Football website click and then click the follow tab on the right sidebar.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hickory Ridge Ragin Bulls vs. Central Cabarrus Vikings

Friday night the Vikings of Central Cabarrus were "thunderstruck" by the Hickory Ridge Ragin Bulls 28-26.  This football game was played at Central Cabarrus High School and was a true "barn burner."  The game went down to the wire as the Vikings had the ball on the Ragin Bulls 12 yard line with 1.4 seconds to go in the game.  Trying to get off one last play to win, time ran out, as the officials wound the clock.

For the Hickory Ridge Ragin Bulls it was a night of "first's."  In their third season, it was the first time the Ragin Bulls had come from behind to win the game.  It was also the Ragin Bull's first kickoff return for a touchdown.  Congratulations!

The Vikings struck first in the second quarter with a 75 yard run by Jarod Garrick and a 2 point conversion by Andrew Resendez.  The score at halftime was Vikings 8, Ragin Bulls 0.

In the third quarter,  Dillon Burdette blocked a punt attempt by the Vikings, giving the ball back to the Ragin Bulls offense.  On the ensuing drive, the Ragin Bulls converted the turnover into points with a 4 yard touchdown run by Brian Baltimore.  The score was now 8-6 in favor of the Vikings.  In the next series, the Vikings were forced to punt.  Thanks to the "Bull Rush" of Ryan McGill and the rest of his Ragin Bulls defensive teammates, the Vikings punter was forced to kick the ball into their own endzone for a safety.  The score was now tied 8 to 8.  After the safety, the Vikings kicked the ball to Ragin Bull John Martinez, who returned the kick 58 yards for Hickory Ridge's first ever kickoff return for a touchdown.  After getting the ball back again, the Vikings were able to score on a 7 yard run by D.J. Watson.  The score at the end of the third quarter, tied 14 to 14.

Defensive End #41 Dillon Burdette blocks a punt in the 3rd quarter

In the final quarter, the Ragin Bull offensive line blocked to perfection, allowing Brian Baltimore to run the ball for two touchdowns.  One touchdown was for 42 yards and the other was for 25 yards.  For the Vikings, it was D.J. Watson throwing two touchdown passes to Aaron Johnson.  After this exciting scoring extravaganza, it was up to the Vikings to tie the game.  With the score 28-26 in favor of the Ragin Bulls, the Vikings would line up for a 2 point conversion.  Led by Dillon Burdette and Eugene Antwi, the Ragin Bulls defense stampeded the Vikings offense, denying the two point conversion and keeping the lead for the Ragin Bulls.
The Vikings would get the ball back one more time.  With an opportunity to score and win the game, the Vikings would drive the ball up the field to the Ragin Bulls 12 yard line.  With 1.4 seconds left on the clock and no time outs, the Vikings would try to spike the ball and stop the clock for one more play.  When the officials wound the clock, time ran out.  What a disappointment for the Vikings, and what a triumph for the Ragin Bulls.  Both teams fought hard, but in the end, there could only be one victor.  The final score was Hickory Ridge Ragin Bulls 28, Central Cabarrus Vikings 26.

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