Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hickory Ridge Ragin Bulls vs. Central Cabarrus Vikings

Friday night the Vikings of Central Cabarrus were "thunderstruck" by the Hickory Ridge Ragin Bulls 28-26.  This football game was played at Central Cabarrus High School and was a true "barn burner."  The game went down to the wire as the Vikings had the ball on the Ragin Bulls 12 yard line with 1.4 seconds to go in the game.  Trying to get off one last play to win, time ran out, as the officials wound the clock.

For the Hickory Ridge Ragin Bulls it was a night of "first's."  In their third season, it was the first time the Ragin Bulls had come from behind to win the game.  It was also the Ragin Bull's first kickoff return for a touchdown.  Congratulations!

The Vikings struck first in the second quarter with a 75 yard run by Jarod Garrick and a 2 point conversion by Andrew Resendez.  The score at halftime was Vikings 8, Ragin Bulls 0.

In the third quarter,  Dillon Burdette blocked a punt attempt by the Vikings, giving the ball back to the Ragin Bulls offense.  On the ensuing drive, the Ragin Bulls converted the turnover into points with a 4 yard touchdown run by Brian Baltimore.  The score was now 8-6 in favor of the Vikings.  In the next series, the Vikings were forced to punt.  Thanks to the "Bull Rush" of Ryan McGill and the rest of his Ragin Bulls defensive teammates, the Vikings punter was forced to kick the ball into their own endzone for a safety.  The score was now tied 8 to 8.  After the safety, the Vikings kicked the ball to Ragin Bull John Martinez, who returned the kick 58 yards for Hickory Ridge's first ever kickoff return for a touchdown.  After getting the ball back again, the Vikings were able to score on a 7 yard run by D.J. Watson.  The score at the end of the third quarter, tied 14 to 14.

Defensive End #41 Dillon Burdette blocks a punt in the 3rd quarter

In the final quarter, the Ragin Bull offensive line blocked to perfection, allowing Brian Baltimore to run the ball for two touchdowns.  One touchdown was for 42 yards and the other was for 25 yards.  For the Vikings, it was D.J. Watson throwing two touchdown passes to Aaron Johnson.  After this exciting scoring extravaganza, it was up to the Vikings to tie the game.  With the score 28-26 in favor of the Ragin Bulls, the Vikings would line up for a 2 point conversion.  Led by Dillon Burdette and Eugene Antwi, the Ragin Bulls defense stampeded the Vikings offense, denying the two point conversion and keeping the lead for the Ragin Bulls.
The Vikings would get the ball back one more time.  With an opportunity to score and win the game, the Vikings would drive the ball up the field to the Ragin Bulls 12 yard line.  With 1.4 seconds left on the clock and no time outs, the Vikings would try to spike the ball and stop the clock for one more play.  When the officials wound the clock, time ran out.  What a disappointment for the Vikings, and what a triumph for the Ragin Bulls.  Both teams fought hard, but in the end, there could only be one victor.  The final score was Hickory Ridge Ragin Bulls 28, Central Cabarrus Vikings 26.

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