Friday, October 23, 2009

Hickory Ridge Ragin Bulls vs. AL Brown Wonders

It is the Game of the Week and the biggest football game in Hickory Ridge High School’s history.  After the huge comeback, and victory last week against conference rival Northwest Cabarrus, the Ragin Bulls have won 3 games in a row and remain undefeated in the South Piedmont Conference.  Tonight’s match up against the Wonders of AL Brown promises to be a good one and has all the makings of a championship game.  Both teams are 4-0 in the conference and are tied for first place.  The Wonders are 6-1 overall and the Ragin Bulls are 5-3 overall.  The winner of tonight’s big game will remain undefeated in the South Piedmont Conference and will sit in sole first place for the first time since the season began.  You can fill it in the air!  The anticipation, the excitement, the hype. This is what football is all about!


Last week, the Ragin Bulls offense and the defense performed well.  The offense drove the ball up and down the field all night long, dominating the time of possession.  The rushing game and passing game were firing on all pistons.  The offense scored 3 TD’s in the fourth quarter to come from behind and win the game.  The defense stopped a very strong Northwest offense 6 out of 8 possessions.  The Trojans were forced to punt 5 times.  On the Trojans last offensive possession the defense had an interception to seal the victory.  Except for a TD from the 2 yard line, the result of a special teams turnover, the Trojans offense had only one touchdown on the night.


The Wonders have a very good football team with a lot of history.  However, the Ragin Bulls are playing very well and are getting better every week.  There is no reason why the Ragin Bulls cannot play as well tonight as they did last week.  I believe in the Ragin Bull football team and I believe that they will be victorious.  No matter what the outcome of tonight’s game is, the Ragin Bulls are already winners.  For this three year old football program to be in the position they are today is phenomenal!  Come out to the game and experience history.  It is the Game of the Week and is at Kannapolis. Kickoff is at 7:30.  Do not forget to bring your cow bell.  Go Bulls!

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