Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ragin Bulls Stampede Chargers 56-13

What an evening!  What a Homecoming! The Ragin Bulls stamped the Chargers of Cox Mill on this conference game 56 to 13!  This victory puts the Ragin Bulls in a 3 way tie for first place in the conference at 2-0!

In the first quarter, it was thunderbolt Brian Baltimore who ran for a whopping 43 yards to get the first of many touchdowns of the evening.  Next up, it was lightning Cody Cothren who put the ball into the end zone on a 17 yard run.  Thunder roared once more with Brian Baltimore scoring the touchdown from the 7 yard line.  The score at the end of the first quarter was Ragin Bulls 21, Chargers 0.

In the second quarter, it was the defense who struck first with an interception by senior Kirk Werth.  Kirk returned the interception for a 30 yard touchdown.  Lightning would strike again with Cody Cothren scoring his second time in the game by running a hard fought 32 yard touchdown.  The score at halftime was Ragin Bulls 35, Chargers 0.

You could hear thunder in the third quarter as Brian Baltimore hammered the ball into the end zone from the 10 yard line.  T. J. Allen would be next to add insult to injury by running the ball in from the 7 yard line.  The Chargers QB Arrick Hincher would throw a 80 yard pass to Parker Kenney for the TD.  The score at the end of the third quarter was Ragin Bulls 49, Chargers 6.

In the fourth quarter, T.J. Poole of the Chargers would run a 2 yard touchdown.  Ragin Bull T.J. Allen ran a 3 yard touchdown.  The final score was Ragin Bulls 56, Chargers 13.

With a great effort and outstanding play by all of the Ragin Bulls defense, the Chargers were held to only 48 yards rushing.  The Chargers quarterback was sacked 3 times by Danny Book, Dillon Burdette, and Dakota Shoe.  The same must also be said of the Ragin Bulls offense with only one fumble lost and a whopping 475 yards rushing.  Brian Baltimore rushed the ball 13 times for 208 yards, his best game this season.  With his best game this season, Cody Cothren ran the ball 7 times for 115 yards.  Luke Robinson had a very nice 39 yard carry.  Quarterback Blake Sides contributed 34 yards on the ground.  Senior Chuckie Sahanas had a spectacular, body blowing, 7 yard run.  Senior quarterback Nick Moelle put a nice spiral in the air for 17 yards.  John Martinez had a 19 yard kickoff return.  And my personal favorite, Alex Daniels went 8 for 8 on the PAT kick.  The Ragin Bulls converted 7 of 9 possessions into touchdowns, scoring 78% of the time.  Wow!  Congratulations!

Congratulations to all of the homecoming queens and to our 2009 Hickory Ridge Homecoming Queen Stephanie Forgash.  The atmosphere was great, the food was great, the half time show was spectacular.  Thanks to all who helped put together such a wonderful Homecoming football extravaganza.  If you did not make it, you missed it!

Next up for the Ragin Bulls is Mt. Pleasant away.  Kickoff is at 7:30.  Be there or be square.  See you at the game and do not forget to bring your cow bell.  Go Bulls!

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