Thursday, November 5, 2009

JV-Ragin Bulls vs. JM Robinson Bulldogs

The Junior Varsity Ragin Bulls defeat the JM Robinson Bulldogs in the last game of the season 47-20.  That makes the JV Ragin Bulls 8-2 overall with their two losses coming in conference games.


In the first quarter, TJ Allen scored a 24 yard TD run and DJ Barnes scored a 29 yard TD run.  In the second quarter, DJ Barnes had a 15 yard TD run and TJ Allen had a 6 yd TD run.  The score at halftime was Ragin Bulls 28, Bulldogs 0.


In the third quarter, Foil Stafford threw a 11 yard pass to DJ Barnes for a TD.  In the fourth quarter, the Bulldogs answered with a 1 yd TD by Evan Mojtabai.  Then the Ragin Bulls had a 9 yd TD run by Andrew Reynolds.  The Bulldogs answered again with a 83 yd TD kick return by Evan Mojatabai.  Ragin Bull Nick Tyson threw a 38 yd TD pass to Dalen Helm.  Then Jerrick Grier had a 77 yd TD run for the Ragin Bulls.  The final score was Ragin Bulls 47, Bulldogs 20.


TJ Allen had 13 carries for 143 yards.  DJ Barnes had 4 carries for 64 yards.  Andrew Reynolds had 7 carries for 55 yards.  Nick Tyson was 3 for 6 on pass completions for 86 yards.  Harvey Cook and Dalen Helm each had 38 yard receptions.  Dalen Helm also had a 40 yard kickoff return while DJ Barnes had a 48 yard punt return.  Congratulations to the JV Ragin Bulls on a very successful season.  Go Bulls!

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